Arbor Drops

Arbor Drops was created out of the drive from several individuals who are determined to improve the wellness of the community using safe and natural methodology. Arbor Drops focuses on finding some of the highest quality pure essential oils and providing them at an excellent value for our customers.

Our team is dedicated in bringing all natural aromatic and therapeutic experiences to our customers so they can eliminate some of the synthetic chemicals that are a part of their lives.

Customer Service

Arbor Drops' belief is that any great business is built on an honest customer relationship. Our goal is to provide an exceptional selection of oils with 100% satisfaction. We offer a full refund for any unsatisfactory product (see our return policy below).

Our goal is to make essential oil buying simple and reliable.

Mission Statement

Our Essential Oils have been sourced with premium quality in mind. Our suppliers provide us with high quality 100% Pure and Natural Essential Oils that we can offer at a high value to our customers. We do not seek to be the lowest cost provider, but we do seek that our supplier meets a quality level of high standards. If our customers are not satisfied, we are not satisfied.


We value customer service and giving back to our customers. As we state on our home page, an honest relationship with our customers is the best relationship for us.

We are located in Ann Arbor, MI. All of our inventory is currently shipped out of this location after our final quality check.